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Open Access resources in the field of law including open government information

U.S. Legal information resources: a beta site for U.S. Federal legislation, replacing the former website Thomas by 2014

Court Listener free legal search engine and alert system for U.S. court decisions

eRegulations Insights "explore federal regulatory data through real-time visualizations, using open data retrieved directly from and powered by Splunk."

FBI - The Vault an electronic reading room of 6,700 documents from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Digital System U.S. Government Printing Office; search for U.S. government publications

Federal Register the new face of the daily journal of the United States government; search in new and meaningful ways to find the federal regulations that may impact your area

Free Law Project provides links to open access law sites and research tools

Legal Information Institute U.S. federal and state law maintained by Cornell's Law School

National Criminal Justice Reference Service provides access to the many criminal justice related U.S. federal agencies and their publications

Public.Resource.Org a non-profit providing free access to the full text of federal, state, and local laws; including bulk data U.S. federal regulations search and current awareness site

U.S. Code from the Office of the Law Revision Counsel

Search for articles:

Law Commons search over 183,000 full text articles

Law Review Commons search over 75,000 articles from open access law reviews

NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository

SSRN Social Science Research Network; includes pre-prints of many law review articles

Laws from countries of the world:

African Legal Information Institute

AsianLII Asian Legal Information Institute

Australasian Legal Information Institute


British and Irish Legal Information Institute

CanLII Canadian Legal Information Institute

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

CommonLII Commonwealth Legal Information Institute, covering British Commonwealth countries

Cyprus CyLaw


FALM list of members of the Free Access to Law Movement

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute

India Legal Information Institute of India

Institute of Advance Legal Studies University of London

Irish Legal Information Institute

Kenya Law

Liberia Legal Information Institute

Micronesia Legal Information System of the Federated States of Micronesia

New Zealand Legal Information Institute

Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute

Philippine Laws and Jurisprudence Databank The LawPhil Project

Samoa Legal Information Institute

Sierra Leone Legal Information Institute

Southern African Legal Information Institute

Swaziland Legal Information Institute

Ugandan Legal Information Institute

World Legal Information Institute

Open Access Journals

European Journal of Law and Technology

Journal of Information Policy

Journal of Open Access to Law

Other legal information resources

Copyright Catalog searchable database of registered copyrights from 1978 to the present, from the U.S. Copyright Office

Canadian Copyrights Database

Free Government Information a blog that continually informs the reader of new free government information (U.S.) tracking the U.S. Congress; easily follow your representative's voting record

Intellectual Property Watch a current awareness news source legal news page from ALM, publisher of the National Law Journal, American Lawyer, and other publications

Lexis Web free online legal research; searches for legal materials available for free on the web

A New Nation Votes American election returns 1787-1825

openlaws easier access to legal information; see discussion in VoxpopuLII (June 16, 2014)

Public Domain Calculator find works in 30 countries that are no longer under copyright

Public Domain Sherpa a guide for finding works that are no longer under copyright

Scout track government and legal information using this search tool from the Sunlight Foundation

Sunlight Foundation Tools discover government information from the tools created by the Sunlight Foundation

VolxpopuLII blog from Cornell's Law School

The WATCH File Writers, Artists and Their Copyright Holders; search a database of copyright contacts for authors and writers

World Encyclopedia of Law

Research articles

Dragon Kill Points: A Summary Whitepaper by Edward Castronova and Joshua Fairfield (January, 2007). Available on SSRN or via DOI

Enhancing the Teaching of Lawyering Skills and Perspectives Through Virtual World Engagement by Andrea M. Seielstad (2012). University of Mass. Law Review, v. 7 no. 1 (2012). Full text available here.

Getting the Goods on Virtual Items: A Fresh Look at Transactions in Multi-User Online Environments, by Justin A. Kwong (2011). William Mitchell Law Review: Vol. 37: Iss. 4. Full text available here.

It's not A Game Anymore, Or Is It?: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives, and the Modern (Mis)Statement of the Virtual Law Imperative, by Marc Andrew Spooner. Vol. 10 U. St. Thomas L.J. 533 (2012). Full text available here

Mixed Reality: How the Laws of Virtual Worlds Govern Everyday Life, by Joshua Fairfield. Vol. 27 Berkeley Tech. L.J. (2014). Full text available [ here].

Multiplayer games: tax, copyright, consumers, and the video game industry by Daithi Mac Sithigh. Vol. 5 no. 3 European Journal of Law and Technology, 2014. Full text available here.

Personal Jurisdiction over Offenses Committed in Virtual Worlds, by Zachary Schaengold. Vol. 81 U. Cin. L. Rev. (2013) Full text available here.

The Play's the Thing: A Theory of Taxing Virtual Worlds by Bryan Camp. Hastings Law Journal, Vol. 59, No. 1, 2007. Available on SSRN or via DOI

A Practical Look at Virtual Property, by Allen Chein (2006). St. John's Law Review Vol. 80 Iss. 3 (2006). Full text available here.

'Stranger than Fiction': Taxing Virtual Worlds by Leandra Lederman. New York University Law Review, Vol. 82, 2007; Indiana Legal Studies Research Paper No. 76. Available on SSRN

Teaching Employment Discrimination Law, Virtually by Miriam A. Cherry (2013). St. Louis University Law Journal, Vol. 58, p. 83, 2013; Saint Louis U. Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2013-31. Available on SSRN

Technical rules and legal rules in online virtual worlds by Vytautas Čyras and Friedrich Lachmayer. Vol. 1 No. 3 European Journal of Law and Technology, 2010. Full text available here.

Tracing Bias through Virtual Spaces, by Adam Chodorow. Vol. 95 Cornell L. Rev. (2010). Full text available at here.

Virtual Property. Boston University Law Review, by Joshua Fairfield Vol. 85, page 1047, 2005; Indiana Legal Studies Research Paper No. 35. Available on SSRN

Virtual Property, Virtual Rights: Why Contract Law, Not Property Law, Must Be the Governing Paradigm in the Law of Virtual Worlds Cifrino, Christopher (April 14, 2013). Boston College Law Review, Forthcoming. Available on SSRN


Intellectual Property: law and the information society by James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins. Duke Open Coursebooks, Aug. 2014; a creative commons open coursebook available for download at

Law and Order in Virtual Worlds : exploring avatars, their ownership and rights by Angela Adrian. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, 2010.

The Law of Virtual Worlds and Internet Social Networks by Andrew Peter Sparrow. Farnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, Vt. : Gower Pub., 2010.

Open Government Data: the Book by Joshua Tauberer. Second Edition: 2014. This is a creative commons book.

The Public Domain: enclosing the commons of the mind by James Boyle. Yale University Press, 2010. Download the creative commons copy of the printed book at

Virtual Law: navigating the legal landscape of virtual worlds by Benjamin Tyson Duranske. Chicago : American Bar Association, 2008.


CopyrightX an open course on copyright has been made available to the public